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Healthcare leaders want to see consistency. After all, that is the essence of a high reliability organization. It is important to hold everyone accountable for certain service behaviors to ensure …

Date posted: October 26, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Heartwire to Strengthen Employee Engagement

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Review by: Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA

Book by Quint Studer

Quint Studer has been a household name in healthcare for the past two decades for his work in leadership development and patient …

Date posted: October 26, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Good Read: The Busy Leader’s Handbook

Categories: Articles - Leadership

When I think about employee engagement, I picture a continuum that, going left to right increases in adherence capability. Imagine you have lined up the following, left to right:

A paper clip

A …

Date posted: October 20, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on From Paper Clips to Super Glue – Where’s your employee engagement?

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The adage goes, people leave their bosses, not their jobs. But would fewer people leave their jobs if their managers acted more like coaches than bosses? Managing typically employs a set of skills …

Date posted: October 15, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Stop Managing and Start Coaching

Categories: Coaching

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing phrases like, “unprecedented times,” and “new normal”. Perhaps these phrases are so popular because we just don’t know what to call the phase that …

Date posted: October 13, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Use Critical Thinking while Winging It

Categories: Leadership

We live and work in uncertain times where change is a constant. With the amount of change and demands upon us, resilience is essential.  Healthy cultures strive for resiliency at individual, unit, …

Date posted: October 8, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Resilience Supports a Positive Culture

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At Baird Group, we define coaching as a supportive relationship that fosters learning, transformation and growth. Helping others to grow and reach their potential is one of the most rewarding aspects …

Date posted: October 6, 2020 | Author: | Comments Off on Coach, Don’t Fix

Categories: Coaching

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