Training / Development

It hurts when patients or good employees leave.

At Baird Group, we believe providing training for healthcare professionals is one of the best ways to instill trust among patients and staff. When you offer continuing professional development, you are creating a culture that attracts and retains people. Our offerings are specifically tailored for organizations that want to make long-term changes. They include:

  • Leadership development courses – Developing a culture of excellence starts at the top. We help healthcare organizations transform their culture so staff don’t want to leave.
  • Customer service training – Not only do patients deserve a safe environment, but they also need one that is compassionate, empathetic and caring. We show your frontline staff how every interaction they have with patients and their families makes a lasting impression with our training for healthcare professionals.
  • Physician coaching programs – Bedside manner matters. People make their healthcare decisions based on their experiences, so we provide physician coaching to help your medical staff improve their communication skills in order to connect with their patients.
  • Nurse training programs – There is a huge correlation between nurse communication and patient satisfaction. We work with the nurses in your organization so they can identify any gaps between their intentions and the patient experience.