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Posted by Kristin Baird

Excuses are, perhaps, the greatest barrier to achieving greatness in both our personal and professional lives. Healthcare organizations often embrace a culture of excuses …

Date posted: March 6, 2018

Categories: Accountability Culture Catalyst Excuses

Most people it seems, want to avoid conflict. In fact, taking the path of least resistance is a law of nature. But that path of least resistance can also slide into avoidance behavior if you aren’t …

Date posted: February 27, 2018

Categories: Leadership

A few weeks ago we sent a mystery shopper in to an urgent care for services. Their experience demonstrated the importance of ownership in the patient experience. The woman at the reception desk …

Date posted: February 22, 2018

Categories: Patient Experience

This past week has been a difficult time as our entire nation grieves yet another school shooting. Putting aside any political views or finger pointing, I have to ask; are mental health services …

Date posted: February 20, 2018

Categories: Patient Experience