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Science has proven what the heart has always known. That gratitude changes lives. I personally try to begin each day with my gratitude list. It keeps me both grounded and optimistic. We all do better …

Date posted: May 25, 2021

Categories: Celebrations

There is a phenomenon among newly-minted managers. When someone presents a problem, they often feel the need to fix it because, after all, they are now the manager.  Fixing presents two problems. …

Date posted: May 17, 2021

Categories: Coaching

Stories are the backbone of culture. And like culture, they must be orchestrated by design to be most impactful. 

Quantitative data is essential in moving organizations toward specific goals. You …

Date posted: May 4, 2021

Categories: Medical Mystery Shopping

Say these four words often enough and you’ll believe it without a doubt. Leaders who take our course, Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave, often tell us that they don’t have time to round, coach, or …

Date posted: April 29, 2021

Categories: Culture Catalyst

Burnout in healthcare was on the rise prior to COVID, now the pandemic has shined a bright light on a growing problem. 

Years ago, I worked for someone who confidently declared, “Burnout is a …

Date posted: April 27, 2021

Categories: Employee Engagement

In the play, Hello Dolly, Dolly Levi says, “Money is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless you spread it around helping young things to grow.” Substitute the word money in this quote with the …

Date posted: April 6, 2021

Categories: Recognition