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Posted by Kristin Baird

This morning I had a discussion with one of my clients about accountability. Like many leaders, she finds that holding others accountable is one of the most difficult …

Date posted: August 15, 2019

Categories: Coaching Culture Catalyst

I love hearing and sharing stories of service heroes. These stories are heart-warming and inspirational, but all too often go untold. That’s because most truly service-minded people take action based …

Date posted: August 13, 2019

Categories: Patient Experience

August 1st marked the second anniversary of the day we brought my sister home to die. Having been in the hospital for 22 months with complications from post-operative wound separation and subsequent …

Date posted: August 8, 2019

Categories: Patient Experience

Review by: Angela Fieler, MPA, CMQ/OE, Senior Consultant

Book by David Horsager

Trust has been on my mind lately.  I’ve heard the word a lot at healthcare facilities I’ve visited.  Trust is one …

Date posted: July 16, 2019

Categories: Book Reviews