“Transformational” is the term most frequently used to describe Baird Group’s healthcare consulting.

Anyone can deliver a tactic. We support transformation with our magnifying glass, mirror, and map approach. Transformational research, learning, and coaching are Baird Group’s hallmarks. We are uniquely qualified to offer healthcare consulting and distinctive insights into patient engagement strategies and solutions, physician alignment and performance improvement tactics, and steps you can take to improve patient satisfaction metrics.

  • Patient experience – When you feel you’ve done all you can to improve patient satisfaction scores and you still aren’t seeing results, it’s time to bring Baird Group in. We use mystery shopping, focus groups, interviews and more to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment.
  • Employee engagement – Just because you’ve administered an employee survey doesn’t mean you’ve done all you can to improve employee satisfaction. It’s what you do after the survey that really matters.
  • Organization cultural assessment and improvement – We take you from where you are to where you need to go with a far-reaching evaluation and improvement plan.
  • Featured presentation topics – Baird Group offers several different presentations for use at healthcare leadership events.