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Baird Group Research

For 25 years Baird Group has been helping leaders to understand the patient experience using qualitative research.

Patient Satisfaction surveys (including HCAHPS) tell you how patients rate you, but they don’t explain the “why” behind the scores. We not only reveal the “why” behind the scores, we give practical solutions for improvement.

We are not a survey company, but we reveal vital consumer perceptions that help you understand and improve the experiences.

You pose the problem, and we design the best methodology to reveal the most meaningful data.

  • Focus groups
    • Consumers
    • Patients
    • Employees
  • In-depth interviews
  • Mystery shopping
  • Gap Analysis

Baird Group Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a type of observational research.

Trained observers seek medical services and evaluate their experiences revealing strengths and opportunities. The type of mystery shopping conducted depends on the service line being assessed and what service problems you are trying to solve. We have methods applied in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Mystery shopping evaluates:

  • Access issues – Can patients get appointments in a timely fashion? How are they treated when they seek appointments? What is the hassle-factor?
  • Customer Service – How are patients and potential patients treated? What impresses or disappoints them? Based on their experience, will they return or recommend?
  • Validate Service Behaviors – You’ve done the training and set the expectations. Now it’s time to validate the standards in action. Are staff following the standards? Who are your stars?
  • Overall experience with people, processes and environment – consumers make decisions based on how they feel about their experience. Mystery shoppers document both facts and feelings to paint a realistic picture of your organization through the consumers’ eyes.

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