The Employee Tune-Up: Conducting a Stay Interview

In today’s reality of the Great Resignation, or the Great Reshuffle as some have called it, staying connected with your employees is critical. It’s easier said than done, though, with busy schedules and often-understaffed units. One essential tool I recommend for keeping employees engaged is a stay interview. There are a lot of misconceptions about what a stay interview is (and is not.)

What a Stay Interview Isn’t

It’s not the same thing as a hiring interview. When recruiting a new employee, you’re assessing people for how they would fit into the organization, if they have the right blend of skills for the open position, how they might handle difficult situations, and more. During a stay interview, the employee is already part of the staff, so your focus is managing an existing relationship. 

A stay interview is also not an exit interview. It’s not a fact-finding mission for what the company can do better or how to retain employees. 

When you round on employees, you make a quick connection that’s  usually in an open area. A stay interview is scheduled for dedicated one on one time where the entire focus is on the employee and their needs and desires.

What It Is

A stay interview is dedicated time devoted to one individual with the goal of re-recruiting them and gathering insights on what brings them joy, what makes them dread work, and what their aspirations and goals are. It’s also about figuring out how you can help them build skills and better engage with the organization.

Think of it as a tune-up. Whether your car runs well or needs a little work, being proactive with upkeep is never a wasted effort.

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