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Posted by Kristin Baird

When we talk about best practices in customer service, it’s not unusual to hear all the reasons it won’t work here, or it can’t be done. It can be done. I’ve seen it firsthand.

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter through the birth of her second child. The day’s journey involved a trip to the OB practice, then on to OB triage, and finally, the birthing suite. During every encounter, I observed how associates interacted with my daughter and son-in-law and how they addressed me, the far less important bystander.

Every Encounter

From the very beginning, and all through the experience, every doctor, nurse, and support team member was compassionate, caring, and demonstrated the hallmarks of great service.  I could see that they were very busy and I inquired about the number of deliveries they have each month. (As a former OB nurse and marketer, I can’t help myself.) It turns out that, due to an insurance shift in the market, this particular hospital had recently acquired an additional 150 births per month over their previously busy volume. I would not have suspected that, in light of the service.

Every person entering the room introduced themselves, explained their role, and made a point to greet me as well. They used my daughter and son-in-law’s names consistently and clearly explained what they were doing. They did a ton of small things to make the experience a good one. If I had been shadow coaching the physicians and nurses, I would be hard-pressed to find things to improve. The bottom line is that great service can be done. I’ve seen it.  Hats off to UnityPoint Health-Meriter in Madison, WI. Your commitment to quality is clear.

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