Simple isn’t the same as easy

Posted by Kristin Baird

How do I lose weight? Eat less and move more. Simple facts, but not always easy to execute consistently. It doesn’t mean easy.

A few days ago, I was having a coaching call with a senior executive who was struggling with accountability from his team. We talked about setting clear expectations and checking in routinely. As we talked, he said, “This is really simple, so why is it so hard?” Good question. And one that surfaces from leaders consistently.

Not Always Easy

It implies that the solution is clear and involves few, uncomplicated steps. What makes things complicated is that life happens. We start with good intentions, but then the census goes up, or the EMR goes down, or someone shows up for an unexpected audit.

If you find that simple elements of leadership have gotten difficult, take a step back. Review priorities, identify potential pitfalls, and plan for how to deal with them. If you fail to meet your goals, get back in there. Simple isn’t always easy, but it means you know what to do. Now do it.

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