Look for the Mission Moments

Posted by Kristin Baird

Every healthcare leader wants their associates to live up to the mission, vision and values (MVV). One excellent way to make that happen consistently, is to spot people doing the right thing, and letting them know it.  Another great way to build enthusiasm for the MVV is to share the stories of great service during staff meetings, huddles and town hall meetings. 

 It’s not unusual for me to visit healthcare facilities and see the mission, vision and values posted. The posters are a good reminder but they won’t create a culture of accountability nor can they take the place of having the leaders reinforce the positive. 

Share a “Mission Moment”

We were recently conducting leader training for Power of One. As part of the introduction, the CEO shared a “Mission Moment” with the trainees. I could see by the expressions on their faces that they moved from attentive to fully engaged when he shifted into storytelling mode. 

People love to hear stories about good work happening within their organizations. It builds pride, engagement and trust. It also reinforces the MVV and reminds them that their work matters and that the leaders care enough to notice.

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