Employee Engagement Flourishes in a Coaching Culture


A coaching culture may be just what healthcare needs to improve employee engagement and retention during today’s Great Resignation.

Peter Drucker famously said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So, while you may spend weeks mapping out a comprehensive plan, it may be useless if the company culture won’t support it.

Many organizations that create high employee engagement, retention, and profitability get there by fostering a coaching culture. Keep in mind that coaching isn’t only limited to formal coaching relationships. In a broader sense, it’s a means of managing, communicating, and engaging those around you. I advise clients to create an environment where coaching is part of the day-to-day culture, where every person is empowered to own the brand promise. That is where strategy meets operations. It’s how you really do things.

Growing Your Team With a Coaching Culture

At Baird Group, we define coaching as: “A supportive relationship that fosters learning, transformation, and growth.” The key to success lies in helping leaders. I believe coaching is a core leadership skill.

“Coaching is defined as a supportive relationship that fosters learning, transformation, and growth.”

I was recently coaching a department manager. She was acting more like a boss than a coach. For example, she told her team what to do and expected results. Because of this, her department was experiencing high turnover and poor patient satisfaction. She didn’t understand the distinction between boss and coach. Once she grasped the differences and started being a coach, she saw an improvement in her department.

Promoting the Brand Through Coaching

A coaching culture works wonders. It can promote the company’s values, accountability, and brand ownership. You’ll recognize it when you see that:

  • Coaching flows in all directions, not just from the top down.
  • Peer coaching promotes problem-solving, communication, and learning.
  • Workers and departments are seeking customer feedback.
  • Every person accepts accountability and ownership. In essence, their interactions and their behaviors align with the brand promise.

With a coaching culture, you can increase employee engagement. This, in turn, promotes both employee retention and a better patient experience.

What are you doing to promote a coaching culture?


Looking for a culture of coaching, engagement, and accountability? Baird Group can help you evaluate and transform your organization. Contact us at info@baird-group.com for more information.



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