3 Ways to Keep Millennial Employees Engaged

It’s not unusual to hear Boomer leaders lamenting about how quickly Millennial workers leave positions for new opportunities. The truth is, these are two very different generations with very different life experiences. Rather than disparaging the entire Millennial workforce, it’s important to learn what makes them tick and adapt accordingly


Find out about their aspirations. What do they want to be or do? Find out what you can do to help them achieve goals. For example, conducting stay interviews is a great way to stay on top of your team members’ goals and dreams. By helping them build new skills, you build loyalty.


Don’t wait until the annual review to give meaningful feedback. Millennials are accustomed to getting real-time feedback in many areas of their lives. They do best when they get regular feedback on work performance. Check in with them regularly to give feedback about performance and to learn what can improve.


Millennials want flexibility that affords work/life balance. Take an honest look at staffing and scheduling to explore untapped opportunities. Engage frontline staff in exploring various options.

Just because the new generation wants different things than Boomers doesn’t make them bad or wrong. Stay connected, give meaningful feedback and be flexible. This trifecta costs nothing and will pay big dividends.

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