For Nurses

Continuing Education is Vital for Training & Nurse Retention 


Numerous studies have consistently rated nurses as America’s most trusted professional. Indeed, HCAHPS scores are directly influenced by patient perceptions of nurses. Meanwhile, more than ever, nurses are experiencing a demanding workload. That’s a lot of pressure—which is why nurses need healthcare leaders to support them with continuing education and more opportunities to invest in their professional growth and to improve patient experience. In turn, continued education leads to an increase in nurse retention. Baird Group offers nurse training that will transform both your staff and leaders.

Nurse/Patient Partnership

The Nurse/Patient Partnership is a comprehensive, engaging approach to training designed by nurses, for nurses. Interactive content in the staff nurse sessions helps these professionals achieve improved communication and better patient experience, and the nurse leaders’ session shows leaders how to build accountability, provide feedback, and improve nurse retention.

Staff Sessions:

  • Define the desired patient experience and raise empathy for the patient and family
  • Examine how nurses influence the patient experience (and, ultimately, HCAHPS scores)
  • Explore four essentials of a positive, memorable patient experience
  • Review GREAT CARE as a tool for systematically managing patient encounters
  • Practice GREAT CARE using role play scenarios
  • Create a personal action plan for success

Nurse Leader Session:

  • Review the Nurse/Patient Partnership curriculum
  • Examine the nurse leader’s unique role in improving the patient experience
  • Learn a simple but memorable coaching method to hold staff accountable

Rounding Essentials for Nurses

Hourly rounding increases patient safety, improves satisfaction, and reduces call lights. 

This one-hour session hits the fundamentals of hourly rounding and reinforces the benefits to both the patient and the nurse.

Nurses will review:

  • What patients think of hourly rounding
  • Benefits of rounding
  • 4 key elements of hourly rounding

For Nurse Leaders: Nurse Retention

Looking to improve nurse retention? Be sure to check out our course Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave to Leave: 8 skill-builders for busy leaders under the Leadership Development section!

Rounding Essentials for Nurse Leaders

When nurse leaders round regularly, they increase accountability and consistency in the standard of care. This 2-hour session for nurse leaders is a hands-on, experiential opportunity to practice and get feedback on the essential elements of rounding.

Nurse leaders will:

  • Examine link between rounding and quality, safety and service
  • Define essentials of a good rounding encounter
  • Explore coaching opportunities linked to rounds
  • Practice coaching based on rounding assessments

Virtual Learning

The training sessions listed above are available as virtual events and courses.