Healthcare Customer Service Training

Power of One

Make your healthcare customer service training stick like glue

So, how do we get your customer service training to stick like glue?

At Baird Group, we created training modules for healthcare employees that teach essential skills and help them see their individual role in delivering great customer service. To make it stick, we’ve developed a unique training program for directors, managers and supervisors in the following areas:

  • Nursing
  • Registration
  • Food services
  • Schedulers
  • Hospitality
  • Housekeepers
  • Ancillary services
  • Billing

Not every person who works in a healthcare organization takes care of patients, but everyone has customers. Each encounter is an opportunity to be the face of the organization. This licensed training product gives you the tools to sustain your own, ongoing, customized classes. Train-the-trainer sessions, led by Baird consultants, equip your in-house trainers.

Power of One teaches all healthcare staff:

  • The power each person has in shaping the experience
  • How to show empathy in words and actions
  • The behavioral standards for service excellence
  • How to take ownership

Power of One teaches leaders to coach, mentor, model, manage and even hire to build a culture of healthcare customer service excellence.

Phone Training – You’ll Have Them at Hello

Phone calls shape the first impression in just seconds. Mystery shopping research shows that more than one-third of patients calling a hospital or medical practice for the first time will not call back because of a poor experience.

Now, Baird Group trains in-house trainers to help you sustain valuable lessons and be ready for your next new hires.

Frontline participants learn:

  • How telephone experiences can make or break the first impression and build loyalty
  • The five essentials of a great phone encounter
  • Gold standards to uphold for current and future phone encounters (reflections of company-wide customer service standards)

In the Maintaining Quality module, managers learn:

  • How to create organization specific standards
  • How to conduct hiring, training, coaching, and performance appraisals with frontline staff
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Healthcare Service Recovery

Every interaction in healthcare should build trust and foster a relationship, but sometimes you fail to live up to the patient’s or family’s expectations. These service failures, when managed well, can help turn raging critics into raving fans.

This two-hour, hands-on service recovery training session is designed for healthcare employees at all levels. Baird Group uses stories, examples, and practice scenarios to inspire, motivate, and educate participants on how to spot service recovery opportunities and take appropriate action with confidence.

Participants will:

  • Review the importance of healthcare service recovery in creating a positive patient experience
  • Explore the four essential elements of service recovery
  • Recognize and practice both, verbal and nonverbal, components of service recovery
  • Practice service recovery behaviors for a variety of common situations* 

*The content can be tailored to your organization using specific service recovery scenarios that attendees can start using immediately.

Virtual Learning

The training sessions listed above are available as virtual events and courses.