Coaching Programs for Physicians

Physician performance is a topic that is of the utmost importance to patients, but often difficult to address within an organization. Baird Group offers coaching programs for physicians that enable them to create performance improvement plans and establish in-house coaching opportunities.

Physician/Patient Partnership

Research shows that it’s often the little things that have the greatest impact on the patient experience with their providers. Survey data alone isn’t always helpful in knowing what needs to change. This two-hour session focuses on four best practices to improve provider/patient encounters. Practice scenarios provide opportunities to test skills and get feedback.

Providers will:

  • Examine how patients judge the experience with their provider
  • Define four best practice categories
  • Review and practice specific skills in each best practice category
  • Identify opportunities for performance improvement and set personal goals

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Coaching Programs for Physicians

There’s nothing like immediate feedback to help you understand your performance and where to make modifications. That’s why we created a comprehensive two-day training for in-house coaches. We assist you in selecting coaches and structuring your own in-house coaching program.

During the two-day, hands-on, experiential training, coaches will:

  • Review four best practices for creating consistently positive physician/patient encounters
  • Practice observing the four best practices
  • Examine methods for giving meaningful feedback
  • Shadow physicians and prepare feedback
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback

Virtual Learning

The training sessions listed above are available as virtual events and courses.