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Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave: 8 transformational skill-builders for busy leaders

Stop Managing and Start Leading!

Learn how to keep your staff engaged, energized and committed to stay.

Turnover is costly – up to 2X the annual salary.* But turnover costs more than money. It’s linked to:

  • Burnout among remaining staff
  • Ineffective teams
  • Low morale
  • Diminished quality, safety and service

People leave their bosses, not their jobs. The number one reason is poor leadership skills.

Our research captured the most crucial leadership skills needed to increase engagement, build trust, and create loyal, high-performing teams. We combined the best, most accessible learning techniques including:

  • Remote learning
  • Virtual, instructor-led training
  • Group coaching
  • Private, individual coaching

What Participants are Saying:

This class is not just for the nurse manager but anyone in leadership looking to create a successful team. I have not found this level of practical wisdom in any textbook or college class. I am convinced that this formula is essential for creating a positive patient experience, successful business, and a culture that employees can thrive in. Jessica Bush, Director of Patient Experience, Surgeons Choice Medical Center, Southfield, Michigan.
The leadership class, “Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave,” came to me in the most challenging time in my career. When the CNO suggested the course I thought, “HOW am I going to fit a class into my day during a pandemic!” Oddly enough, it was the EXACT thing I needed to handle some very challenging situations as a leader. I was in the midst of redeploying staff, changing decisions daily on processes as well as the challenges of hiring during a pandemic, all while trying to be that leader nobody wants to leave. The tools taught in the course helped me in many ways along with the coaching sessions that were provided. I would highly recommend this course to any current and aspiring leader. Lisa Jensen, Community Health & Wellness Manager
Prior to this class I had a different idea of what rounding was. Now, I round with a purpose. I have been practicing my stay interviews. Heather Freudenberger, MSN, RN, CEN, Emergency Services Manager