3 Reasons You Need a Vision for Your Culture

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” ― Lewis

Healthcare leaders, as well as travelers, can benefit from the Cheshire Cat’s wisdom shared in Alice in Wonderland. Without a clear destination and vision, the path won’t matter, but chances are, you’ll wonder why things aren’t changing and your goals are harder to achieve.

Organizations almost always have an ethereal vision statement for business aspirations, yet few have clear visions for what they want the culture to be. Without the culture vision, it is much more difficult to align leadership practices, priorities, and behavioral standards.

In working with organizations to improve employee engagement and patient experience, we start by helping the senior leaders define their vision for the culture of the future. By taking this step, they make a giant leap toward all their goals. After all, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Why does having a vision for the culture of the future matter?

  1. A clear vision for the culture of the future is a unifying force

Once created, it helps shape standards for behavior and leadership practices needed to advance the organization. When you can see a clear destination, it’s easier to make decisions that align daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals and actions.

  • It becomes a filter through which decisions are made

Both leaders and staff can filter actions through this question: “Is what I’m doing aligned with, and contributing to, our vision for the culture of the future?” When aligned, proceed. When not, stop.

  • A vision statement can be motivational and inspirational

When employees feel inspired, they are more engaged and connected to purpose. There is a strong correlation between engagement, patient satisfaction, and ultimately patient loyalty.

Once a clear vision for the culture of the future is in place, it is easier to visualize the steps needed to get you there. This single step, when missed, can leave you wandering. Set your course with a clear vision.

Baird Group can help your organization articulate and communicate the desired culture of the future. Contact us at info@baird-group.com.

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