Burnout Isn’t a Personal Defect

Burnout in healthcare was on the rise prior to COVID, now the pandemic has shined a bright light on a growing problem. 

Years ago, I worked for someone who confidently declared, “Burnout is a choice.” My thought then and now is that she was being harsh and insensitive. Unfortunately, she is not alone in her thinking. When leaders take that perspective, they are sidestepping any individual responsibility that they have in creating a culture to prevent it. 

Burnout is very real and won’t be eradicated by more yoga or deep breathing exercises. It takes a conscious plan to ensure that the work environment is one that minimizes the potential. The leader plays a significant role by:

  • managing workload
  • maintaining open, transparent communication
  • staying in touch with team members
  • treating everyone fairly

What’s in your prevention plan?

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