Stop Managing and Start Coaching

The adage goes, people leave their bosses, not their jobs. But would fewer people leave their jobs if their managers acted more like coaches than bosses? Managing typically employs a set of skills needed to keep the department running smoothly. This includes things like hiring, managing the budget, ensuring procedures are followed, and that workers have the tools and supplies needed to operate in a safe environment.

A coach, on the other hand, employs additional skills. An articled authored by the Forbes Coaches Council identifies skills such as empathy, curiosity, and listening as essential leadership skills. While important in coaching, leaders need additional skills to be excellent coaches.  To be a good coach, the manager must also:

  • Be good observers
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Learn to ask better questions (managers tend to tell people what to do, coaches ask questions that encourage critical thinking)
  • Build rapport and trust with team members
  • Be able to give useful feedback that fosters self-awareness

Great coaches are made, not born, yet few healthcare organizations invest in developing the leadership and coaching skills that bring out the best in their workforce.

Our Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave- 8 Transformational Skill Builders for Busy Leaders program focuses on building the essential skills needed to coach excellence. To be truly transformational, we have combined remote learning with coaching. Participants learn a skill, then apply it on the job prior to a group coaching session. That way, they have the opportunity to share what they learned and discuss any pitfalls or “aha” moments. Remote learning paired with group and personal coaching is the most effective way to transform leadership skills.

The next class begins October 29. You can view more information and register here, or call 866-686-7672.

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