Protect Your Culture Against Negativity

The COVID vaccine has dominated the news for weeks as we celebrate frontline workers receiving the long-awaited injections, to protect them. 

As a former public health nurse, I am a staunch believer in vaccines. They protect us against nasty viruses that threaten the population. That protection is a vital, first step in population health. 

Similarly, what if you could protect your culture from things that threaten its health? Things that erode morale, decrease engagement and drive people away from the mission, vision, and values. 

One of the most common threats to a healthy culture is negativity including harmful gossip. You can protect your culture against corrosive negativity, but the protection will not come in vials of 10 doses. Instead, it comes in the form of strong leaders who set clear standards for behavior and hire people who are aligned with the values. From there, it is a matter of staying the course. Strong leaders observe, coach and story tell. Leaders bring the values and behaviors to life in daily operations. 

Do you know what leadership skills are needed to create and sustain a healthy culture? We can help. Call today to reserve your spot in the next cohort of Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave – 8 Transformational Skill-builders for Busy Leaders. It begins 1/14/21.

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