Living Your Values vs Window Dressing

A thriving, engaged culture starts with having substantive values. It means living them with unwavering consistency. People will rally around a shared vision and values when they are concise and sincere. Anything less is just window dressing. 

Connecting Values with Social Issues

I was recently talking with a group of employees. They told me that, with all the issues in the world today, they were disappointed that their employer never takes a stand. Their company never supports any causes or even states a position. They specifically mentioned the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, climate change, social injustice, and gender inequity. 

One woman said, “My heart is so heavy over the crisis in Ukraine. I wish our company would commit to some type of support. I know I’m not alone. It’s a consistent discussion in the breakroom.” 

When I mentioned this to the CEO, his response was quite telling. He said, “There is only one reason companies do good. The bottom line. Period. I don’t see how our taking a stand will help our bottom line.” These views were evident to the staff who were clearly disengaging day by day. I’m glad to say this particular company was not a healthcare organization. 

Recruiting the New Labor Force

Research has shown that millennials and Gen Zs are driven by social issues. This is not new data. It’s been showing in surveys for a few years. In an article in Forbes cited data from a recent study, conducted by Deloitte. “Forty-four percent of millennials and 49% of Gen Zs surveyed said that, over the past two years, they have made choices about the types of work they would do—and the organizations they’d be willing to work for—based on their personal values.”

Millennials and Gen Zs comprise the majority of today’s workforce. They are committed to social issues and want to know their employers are too. Therefore, they are making career choices based on company values in action. Employers who listen to their employees have a unique opportunity to support them and their desire to create a better world. Above all, by creating a more engaged culture, you can decrease turnover which will improve the bottom line.

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