How Do You Show You Care?

As a leader, how you show you care at work can make the difference between an engaged workforce or a team just going through the motions.

The pandemic has changed us all. The way we used to work is gone forever, and our beliefs and values have shifted also. After endless 80-hour work weeks, healthcare workers have realized money isn’t everything. Bonuses and gift cards only go so far in enticing our disengaged staff.

What are our employees looking for now? Overwhelmingly, the answer is clear. They want meaningful work with people who care. Most healthcare workers went into their fields to make a difference. After the myriad of pandemic-related issues, from staffing to safety to frequent policy changes, it’s easy to see how “making a difference” got lost in the shuffle.

Connecting to purpose is one key to success. The second is working with other people that care.

Amid a busy workday, how do you show that you care? Not enough interest, and you’ll look aloof. Too much, and you’ll come across as ingenuine. But striking a balance with the 3 Ps will make all the difference:


Don’t wait until the end of the quarter or during annual reviews. Show appreciation when you see something or shortly thereafter.


It’s great to thank an entire team after a project, but it’s also important to recognize the stand-out players on that team. Not everyone contributed equally, and showing recognition to the stars of the team for their specific contributions will keep them motivated for the next project.


Don’t forget to show appreciation for the little things. It’s easy to recognize the big projects, but don’t forget the small day-to-day tasks that are getting done well. Your staff might feel like stars for big initiatives but still dread the daily minutia.

With specific examples, regular, personalized recognition can make a difference that general group thank yous like pizza parties and even bonuses cannot.

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