Harvest & Share the Stories to Build Your Brand and Employee Engagement

Posted by Kristin Baird

Stories shape cultures and the organization’s brand. Yet storytelling is often underrated or delegated to the communication department as a task. Fostering a storytelling culture is a sadly missed opportunity.

Fostering a Storytelling Culture

Becoming a storytelling culture won’t happen by chance. It must form by design. Heartwarming stories fill healthcare. These stories go left untold. Stories help to connect to purpose on an individual level and to shape the organization’s culture.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collecting stories from nurses on the front line of the patient experience. When they share their stories, they re-connect to purpose and re-energize. Millions of stories  sit, untold, in the hearts and minds of nurses.

In my book, Reclaiming the Passion; Stories that Celebrate the Essence of Nursing, I not only share stories from nurses, but give the reader prompts to help draw out their own stories.  Share these stories orally with other nurses or prospective nurses. By re-connecting to purpose, nurses feel more inspired and energized. When they share their stories with others, they describe a fulfilling and life-enriching career that draw others into the profession.

With Nurses Day just two months away, there is still time to order copies for your nurses and celebrate with your own storytelling circles.

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