Are You Coachable? Take This Self-Assessment

Personal growth is a lifelong quest. I cannot think of one successful individual who says, “I’ve arrived. I’m finishedimproving.” There are always new things to learn about ourselves, our interactions, our communications, and our leadership abilities to name a few, but we have to remain open and coachable to see them.

The thing about personal growth is that it must come from within. I enjoy coaching immensely because it is gratifying to see others grow, improve, and discover the joys of leadership. Those who are the most coachable share several traits including:

  • They are open to change and to trying new things – When confronted with a change, they may ask questions but tend to have a “Let’s give it a try,” attitude.
  • They seek out feedback from others who will be honest with them. It’s easy to ask for feedback from someone you know will give you glowing praise, but much more difficult to intentionally seek feedback from someone who will share the kind truth. Coachable people seek the kind truth.
  • They are receptive to feedback. Instead of getting defensive, angry, or hurt by honest feedback, they approach it with a spirit of curiosity asking how they can improve. That’s not to say it’s easy to take all feedback. It can be difficult but they learn to see it as information not criticism.
  • They recognize setbacks as opportunities for growth. Instead of retreating after a failure, they are introspective. They review the situation and retrieve the most important and how they will apply those lessons in the future.
  • They are open to perspectives different from their own.

Coaching is valuable in many situations beyond just sports. A good coach will be tactical (asking you to try new things) as well as motivational.  But growth always comes down to desire.

I have seen countless instances where coaching fostered significant growth including:

  • Managers improving their communication and leadership skills
  • Physicians elevating their patient experiences, communication skills, and team dynamics
  • Frontline staff improving customer service skills

Are you coachable? Consider the descriptions I have given above and take this coachability self-assessment here. 

The time spent on personal and professional development is never wasted. If you are ready for coaching, we can help. Contact us at and ask about 3, 6, 9, 12 month coaching packages.



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