Who’s Got Your Back

Posted by Kristin Baird

I know I’ve said it before, but patient experience professionals (PXPs) cannot go it alone. In addition to engaging stakeholders from operations, it is vital to have an executive sponsor who can run interference and ensure you have the resources needed.

Get an Executive Sponsor

I clearly recall a highly enthusiastic patient experience coordinator who became down trodden when she couldn’t get the support she needed. A culture assessment revealed she was operating in a highly political, top-down culture and there was little chance she would make any real headway on her own. We identified an executive sponsor in the c-suite who would champion the patient experience team. They were then able to harness her energy, engage the team and move the needle.

If you are a PXP who is not in senior leadership, make sure you have someone in the C-suite. They should act as a liaison and ensure that your work isn’t a project or program. Instead they will make it an integral part of the organizational strategy.

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