PXPs – Agents of Change

Posted by Kristin Baird

Patient experience professionals (PXPs) often see themselves as the worker bees managing dozens of tasks and carrying the weight of the patient experience solely on their shoulders. This can be a dangerous, career- limiting mindset. As a result there is burnout. The reality is that you cannot do it alone. If you’ve been hired as a PXP, the first thing you must do is recognize your role as a change agent and give up the idea of being the lone ranger.

PXPs First Steps

Fist of all, identify key stakeholders and partner with them. Find or create your tribe. And most important, get the support of the executive team with an executive sponsor.

It feels like healthcare is cycling through the first generation of PXPS and I’m witnessing quite a bit of fallout. In contrast, the most successful PXPs have seven common traits that we’ve identified and share in our PXP Advisor course. Find out more.

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