The Patient Experience is Your Brand

Posted by Kristin Baird

For people not in marketing, there is a common assumption that a company’s brand is the logo. It’s easy to understand the assumption because the logo is the part of the corporate identity that can be seen in ads, on brochures and even on buildings.  But brand strategy goes much deeper than a logo. It is a promise to the consumer that says this is who you are and what you stand for. It says, here is what you can expect from us every time. When people see a logo, it often evokes emotions based on personal experience with the brand.

Your marketing department can come up with the most sophisticated brand strategy but it is the front line people who either deliver on the brand promise or fall short.

Is Everyone On The Same Page?

I get really frustrated when I see marketing and strategy in a separate silos removed from the patient experience. When that happens, you have one group making the promises and another group working to deliver a great patient experience but don’t really relate it to the brand promise.

Does everyone in your organization get the connection between the brand promise and the patient experience? Do they see their role in context of the promise? Is marketing an active partner in patient experience. If not, it’s time to connect the dots.

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