Creating a Strong Company Culture in Healthcare

Company culture plays a vital role in shaping the success of any organization, regardless of the industry. In healthcare, where the stakes are high and the work is demanding, a strong company culture is critical. A healthcare organization’s culture influences employee engagement, patient outcomes, and performance. It ultimately impacts the reputation in the community as well.

Defining Company Culture in Healthcare

Culture encompasses the core values as well as the principles and attitudes that guide how employees interact with patients, colleagues, and stakeholders daily. The culture influences the behavior, decision-making, and communication of the organization. It’s not the plaque on the wall. It’s how you really do things.

Intentional Design

Creating a strong company culture requires an intentional approach. Healthcare leaders must identify the core values that will guide the future of the organization. These values must align with the mission and vision of the organization and resonate with employees at all levels. They should connect to specific actions, attitudes, and practices. Without specific guidance, the values will quickly fall by the wayside. Remember, if you as a leader cannot easily define what it means to live the values, your staff won’t be able to either.

Sustaining the Culture

Building a strong culture is only the first step. Sustaining it requires unrelenting consistency. Healthcare leaders must continuously reinforce the core values and principles that define the culture. This means modeling the desired behaviors, providing ongoing training and education, and recognizing and rewarding employees who embody the culture.

A strong culture that is consistently reinforced can help ensure that everyone is working toward the same goal of providing high-quality patient care.

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