Stop Being a Wimp and Start Leading

Posted by Kristin Baird on February 11th, 2020 • No Comments »

There is a four-letter word that stifles even the best leaders. FEAR. I’ve heard people use an acronym – Forget Everything And Run. That certainly won’t get a leader very far. The mantra I like to use when I notice fear is keeping me from taking action is; Face Everything And Rally. 

I coach a number of leaders and find that it is most often the culprit whispering in their ears and keeping them from taking action. Of course I can’t bluntly point out that they are afraid. This would put them on the defensive. I have to help them discover what is at the root of their behavior. As they peel back the onion, lo and behold, most often, there sits a solid little kernel of fear. 


Fear manifests in many ways, but when it comes to leadership, I see it manifest as avoidance behavior. 

  • Putting off difficult conversations and telling themselves they don’t have time 
  • Telling themselves they don’t want to make a big deal out of something (even though their gut signals they should take action)
  • Hoping the problem will just go away

For every day a leader avoids confronting difficult conversations, they are eroding their own credibility. Is fear causing you to wimp out. Time to rally.

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