Setting New Managers Up For Success

The role of a manager has evolved from mere supervision to becoming a crucial driver of employee engagement, team performance, and organizational success. A seasoned leader can navigate all these needs, but what about the newly promoted managers? With guidance and support, new managers can transition smoothly into their leadership roles and contribute to a thriving environment. 

Here are seven ways to help your new leaders excel from day one: 

Lead by Example

culture of coaching and growth begins with the leadership team. When top executives and senior managers actively demonstrate a commitment to mentoring and coaching new leaders, it sets the tone for the entire organization. New managers look up to these leaders as role models, making it important for executives to showcase behaviors such as open communication, empathy, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. This top-down modeling approach fosters a sense of unity and common purpose. It sends the message that this is how we do things around here. 

Clear Expectations and Resources

Understanding expectations is one of the biggest challenges when starting a management position. Providing new managers with clear responsibilities and objectives sets the foundation for their success. In addition, ensure they have access to the necessary resources, training programs, and tools to enhance their leadership skills. Regularly communicate performance metrics and provide constructive feedback, helping them gauge their progress and make necessary adjustments.

Customized Training and Development Plans

Every new manager is unique, with varying strengths and areas for improvement. Design personalized training and development plans that cater to individual needs. This might involve workshops, seminars, online courses, or one-on-one coaching sessions. By tailoring the development journey, you acknowledge each manager’s potential and actively invest in their growth.

Peer-to-Peer Learning and Mentorship

Create opportunities for new managers to learn from their peers and experienced mentors within the organization. Pairing them with seasoned managers as mentors encourages knowledge-sharing and a safe space to ask questions or seek advice. Peer-to-peer learning fosters camaraderie and creates a network of support where managers can share experiences and learn from one another’s successes and challenges.

Encourage Autonomy and Experimentation

New managers often flourish when given the autonomy to make decisions and explore their leadership styles. Encourage them to take calculated risks and experiment with different approaches to problem-solving. Mistakes are valuable learning opportunities; when managers feel supported even after setbacks, they develop resilience and a growth mindset.

Constructive Feedback and Recognition

Regular feedback is crucial for any professional’s growth journey. Create a culture where feedback is not only provided but also actively sought out. Constructive criticism, coupled with recognition for achievements, contributes to the manager’s continuous improvement. Recognizing their efforts publicly also reinforces the positive behaviors you want to encourage within your managerial team.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

A dynamic company culture adapts to changes in the business environment. Encourage new managers to stay updated with industry trends and management methodologies. This could involve attending conferences, participating in webinars, or reading relevant literature. Cultivating a mindset of continuous learning helps managers stay agile and innovative in their approaches.

When designing the 8-week leadership course, Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave Baird Group consciously applied many of these leadership development principles. In addition to rich content, the course gives an opportunity for peer learning and individual feedback. This course is designed for leaders at all levels and includes one-on-one and group coaching to help each participant grow and excel where they need the most support. Contact us today at (866) 686-7672 or to learn more about individual and group rates. 

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