Let’s Get Real About Incentives

Posted by Kristin Baird

It’s pretty common for me to get calls from healthcare leaders who are struggling with physician HCAHPS scores. It’s also common for me to learn that there are little or no consequences for physicians who have poor patient satisfaction scores. They are not looking at the whole picture, including incentives.

Balance Volume with Satisfaction

Incentives for physicians are still centered on productivity. This is the case in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. Often without significant incentive for patient satisfaction. Contracted physicians sometimes dictate that they want high patient volume in order to reap the financial rewards. You will get what you reward, volume without regard for patient experience. Balance volume incentives with patient satisfaction.

I’ve seen very committed leaders shy away from holding providers accountable for patient experience. These leaders need support in setting expectations and sticking to metrics for individuals and the groups alike.

What if you offered incentives to physicians who attend service training and who have regular shadow coaching? What if patient satisfaction had the same weight in the incentive structure as volume and clinical quality?

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