5 Tips for Celebrating & Supporting Nurses All Year

Posted by Kristin Baird

It’s Nurse’s Week and I am loving all the inspiring and heart-warming articles and ads giving recognition to this most trusted profession. It’s great that once a year we put nurses in the limelight and celebrate their many contributions. But what would it look like if we all made a conscious effort to honor, support and celebrate nurses on a consistent basis?

5 Tips

1. When you see something, say something! Just like the TSA, when you see a nurse doing something that shows great technical skill, empathy or compassion – speak up and tell her or him that you are impressed.

2. Say thank you in real time. Make your gratitude prompt, personal and plentiful.

3. Talk them up. Tell their bosses that you are impressed and grateful. Give names and specific examples of the greatness you witness. Put it in writing. A quick note is all it takes.

4. Implement real and effective No Pass Zones where everyone answers call lights. Don’t just say you’re doing it – Make it happen with clear expectations and accountability. Most nurses are running their tails off during every moment of a shift. This is one small way that the organization can put some intentional support behind the nurses. There is so much emphasis on HCAHPS scores and much of the burden falls on nursing. This is one way the organization can prove the common sentiment that, “We’re all in this together.”

5. Make certain that staffing practices ensure regular breaks and lunches. Breaks, are pushed down the list of priorities on busy days. No one wants work tired and hungry with a full bladder.

What I’ve listed here are seemingly small actions but have lasting benefits. We all want to feel appreciated and although the parties and celebrations are fun, let’s be sure we’re working on cultural norms that foster a supportive environment every day of the year. Happy Nurse’s Week to all my fellow nurses. I’m proud to be one of you!

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