Patient Experience

Deep-Dive Culture Assessment

Improving Patient Experience

You’ve got plenty of HCAHPS and employee engagement survey data. You’ve tried all the “best practice” tactics for improving patient experience. So why aren’t you seeing improvements? The answer is in your culture.

Baird Group’s proprietary culture assessment takes a deep dive into the organizational culture to reveal common beliefs and attitudes that could be supporting the strategy or sabotaging your efforts for improving patient experience and satisfaction. Then we deliver the kind truth.

Using interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping and systems review, Baird Group makes an accurate diagnosis of your organization’s culture, helping to guide your steps with a roadmap designed to close the gaps and improve the patient experience.

Patient Experience GPS – Building the Foundation for Success

It’s one thing to look at patient satisfaction scores, and quite another to do something about them. It all comes down to having strong fundamentals in place. Baird Group evaluates your existing service structure, identifies opportunities to affect patient satisfaction, then guides you into developing fundamentals for success.

  • Establishing behavior-based standards
  • Keeping the standards alive in daily operations
  • Coaching to the standards