Organizational Culture Assessment & Healthcare Management Strategies

Organizational Culture Assessment & Healthcare Management Strategies

The Culture Catalyst – Four-stage Approach to Living Mission, Vision & Values

In chemistry, several elements can sit side by side with little or no change until a catalyst is introduce. Then … boom! Big change. A catalyst causes a reaction or speeds up the rate of reaction. That’s exactly what Baird Group does for healthcare organizational ethos: With our culture assessment and healthcare management strategies, we activate the environment by taking you from where you are to where you need to go. 

Culture Assessment & Management Strategies: Four phases for sustainable success

1. Deep-Dive Culture Assessment

To get where you’re going, you have to know your starting point. This deep-dive gives you a keen understanding of the current culture from multiple perspectives. During our healthcare management strategies assessment, we:

  • Review of satisfaction and engagement data.
  • Conduct mystery shopping to gain patient and visitor perspectives.
  • Facilitate focus groups with staff, managers, & patients.
  • Perform in-depth interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Prepare a gap analysis comparing the current state to the desired culture.

The deliverable is a comprehensive report with recommendations and critical next steps.

2. Co-Creation Strategy & Execution Phase

There’s no cookie cutter here—we rely on the findings from your assessment to guide strategy. Once we help you define the desired culture, we co-create and execute strategies that align behaviors and operations. We:

  • Define key drivers and leader accountability practices.
  • Conduct leadership development.
  • Establish and train all staff on clear behavior-based standards.
  • Prepare and execute grassroots engagement strategies.
  • Engage medical staff in patient/provider partnership.
  • Establish a core team and executive sponsor and launch a three-year action plan.
  • Provide leadership coaching.
3. Mission-Activation Phase

This phase continues to drive behavioral changes aligned with the vision.

  • Coaching continues with core team and department leaders.
  • We roll out systems and processes to increase ownership and engagement.
4. Reinforcement Phase

This phase is designed to ensure you don’t take your eye off the ball and continue the forward momentum. We help you:

  • Assess key drivers.
  • Continue leadership development.
  • Evaluate KPIs & modify plan as needed.

Leader Coaching

At Baird Group, we define coaching as “a supportive relationship that fosters learning, transformation, and growth.” Our coaches help you unlock your unique potential as leaders in a safe and confidential environment. We help you practice new skills and develop strategies and action plans to accomplish your goals.