Great Coaches are Coached Themselves

One of the keys to great leadership is having good coaching skills. The problem is many newly minted managers and supervisors lack these skills. Healthcare organizations, in particular, often have good intentions for development, but never bring them to fruition. In fact, many leaders I have coached have gone decades without learning the coaching fundamentals that could have helped them grow further, faster.

I was recently talking with someone I am coaching, and she told me that the difference for her was that she got further, faster, by having a coach who could teach her to coach. She told me that, by being coached, she has learned to ask more questions rather than give advice or instruction, and added, “It’s one thing to read about coaching skills in a book and test them out, but by getting feedback at the same time I’m learning techniques, then testing them and it has been invaluable. It helps me course-correct instead of developing bad habits.”

A recent study from the Hay Group found that 25-40% of fortune 500 CEOs have an executive coach. Coaching isn’t just for senior executives. It’s for anyone who wants to make lasting, personal change in how they lead. That is precisely why Baird Group included personal coaching with our Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave, course. We know that true transformation happens when skills are learned, applied, and discussed with experienced coaches. Find out more about how coaching can support your growth.

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