Focus on Culture and Scores Will Follow

Posted by Kristin Baird

HCAHPS has leveled the playing field when it comes to measuring patient satisfaction. But with the publicly reported scores has come a nearly obsessive focus on the numbers. I must admit that I get impatient with healthcare leaders who approach me with, “What’s the fastest way to improve our scores?” My concern is; do they want fast results or sustainable results? Do they want to improve the patient experience or just the scores? To create sustainable results, organizations must be laser focused on a culture of service excellence.

Culture Focus

Healthcare systems are filled with employees who will never touch a patient. They do, however play a part in serving those who serve the patients. Focusing on a culture of service excellence means that everyone is part of the big picture. That service isn’t only about serving the patient but also one another. Without the culture focus, organizations will work to game the system and teach to the test.

I vote for focusing on a culture of ownership, teamwork, and respect. The scores will follow.

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