Employee Engagement

Culture is all about the people, and superior service requires engaged, motivated people. When it comes to employee engagement, one size truly doesn't fit all (or even a majority) of your employees. Each of your employees has different motivations and drivers that impact how engaged he or she is with work, colleagues, and the mission and vision of your healthcare organization.

Nurse retention is just one of the issues you face. Among the key challenges is determining what drives the individual and then finding ways to help that person stay connected. At the same time, leaders need the tools to deal with disengaged employees who are dragging others down.

At the Baird Group, we've learned that increasing employee engagement is both an art and a science. The science requires using proven tools to identify current levels of engagement and understand the financial impact of disengagement. The art involves fostering your leaders' ability to create and implement action plans that will keep your best staff members on board and engaged.

Turnover hurts. The Baird Group can help.

The Baird Group has worked with healthcare organizations across the country to analyze and explore the drivers of high employee retention and engagement. Whether you're looking for a group training session, focused sessions with key leaders, or coaching one-on-ones, we can help you identify the right interventions for your team for bottom line results. We also invite you to explore our vast array of online resources.

We have the solutions to address your employee engagement challenges. Contact us to explore the right opportunities that meet your needs.

Engaging Healthcare Employees: Leadership Training

What does employee engagement have to do with service? Everything. Engaged employees deliver the best service, meaning happy patients. In healthcare settings, stronger engagement means higher nurse retention. And nurse recruitment becomes easier with a more engaged workforce. The bottom line is that engaged employees stay longer, produce more, and attract more of the brightest and best.

The Baird Group has teamed with the Center for Talent Retention to present you with an effective solution to the employee engagement and retention puzzle.

This innovative employee engagement workshop focuses on key actions that healthcare managers can use today to build a workforce of committed, engaged employees. Whether participating in the half-day or full-day employee engagement workshop, participants will leave energized with a solid plan and full of tools they can use immediately.

Healthcare managers will learn how to create a specific action plan to improve employee engagement over the next sixty days. Contact us today to book your session(s)!


The Baird Group understands that, when we’re talking about healthcare organizations, we’re talking about people. People serving people. Attracting, retaining, and engaging, highly skilled and highly committed staff is what makes your organization stand out above the rest.

We know you need help transforming your culture and shaping the patient experience, and we’re here to help. Our own data suggests that low levels of employee engagement can literally cost healthcare organizations millions of dollars each year. Those are dollars that could be going toward serving more patients and improving quality outcomes.

It takes time, talent, and tenacity to create a culture that supports and sustains your mission, vision, and values. Baird has the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Let the Baird Group show you how!
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