Coach, Mentor & Model Service Behaviors

Posted by Kristin Baird

It’s not unusual for us to hear that past training efforts just didn’t stick. When we drill down to learn what had been done in the past and how it was delivered, we’re never surprised to hear that the approach was a one-and-done approach.

One session, with no follow up or accountability will not create lasting change. Training must be done in context of a bigger picture that includes pre-work, training, coaching & feedback, and recognition.

Some of the pre-work that will create success:

  • Establish clear objectives – this may include behavior-based standards and how they tie back to the mission, vision and values.
  • Understand current strengths and weaknesses.


  • Train both the leaders and front line, but recognize the two groups should have different areas of focus. The front line curriculum should focus on service skills. In contrast, the leader curriculum should focus on how to coach for the service skills and hold staff accountable.

Coaching & Feedback

  • This phase is where the leader makes rounds, observes for the behaviors, and gives feedback.


  • Finally, recognition is an important part of being successful. By making direct observation, the leader has opportunity to recognize star behaviors and share stories with the team.

These steps are standard in Baird Group training modules and were created by design. We know how to make it stick. Want to know more about how Baird Group’s makes it stick? Contact us.

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