You don’t have to coach all high performers

Posted by Kristin Baird

I was recently doing a coaching and engagement workshop for a group of healthcare leaders. During the discussion, a group of participants said that they don’t bother coaching their high performers, because, after all, they’re already high performers.

This is a common, dangerous, misconception. I typically tell leaders: “You don’t have to coach all high performers – Just the ones you want to keep.”

The sad truth is that the bulk of leaders’ coaching time and energy goes to the low performers, or “disengaged,” as we call them. That means the best performers are ignored. It’s easy to do because you have confidence that they will perform well at all times. That’s a safe assumption, but also flawed. Those high performers deserve your time and attention, too.

Things to consider when coaching a high performer:

  • Thank them
  • Give specific examples of how they contribute to the department and the organization
  • Ask about their personal and professional goals
  • Find out what you can do to support them
  • Give them a challenge

When it comes to coaching, each employee will have a different set of needs. One size fits one. And most leaders admit that they need more help in becoming better coaches.

Help your leaders become better coaches. Baird Group offers a four-hour leader workshop, “Coaching for Engagement and Improved Performance.”

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