Marketing and Patient Experience – Guardians of the Brand

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Healthcare is notorious for its silos. And, to be honest, the silos are often the result of one department or specialty not knowing, understanding, and respecting the expertise of the other. Having worked on both the clinical and marketing sides of healthcare, I’ve seen this first hand. Marketing is often construed as the event-planning, brochure-producing department by those in clinical positions. Marketing always focused on listening to the voice of the consumer and guarding the brand, find links to product guides to take advantage of this information and get the best for your company. These two things make good marketers a natural partner in advancing the patient experience, and yet, I see them being left out of patient experience strategy and execution. 

The Patient Experience Movement

I’m proud to have been a part of the movement to raise the importance of the patient experience (PX) in healthcare. The PX is finally getting a seat at the table. This emerging discipline has taken hold across the country. Embrace marketers as a valued partner in defining and delivering the patient experience. Both marketers and PX professionals will benefit from a strong partnership. After all, patient experience and marketing professionals want the same thing: a patient experience that consistently delivers on the mission, vision, values and brand promise. 

I’ll be in Nashville September 8-11 at the Society for Healthcare and Market Development (SHSMD) conference Booth #613. I’d love to connect with healthcare marketing leaders who want to make a bigger contribution to the patient experience.  Reach out to me at

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