Service Heroes are Often Quiet

I love hearing and sharing stories of service heroes. These stories are heart-warming and inspirational, but all too often go untold. That’s because most truly service-minded people take action based on their values, not to get applause. They quietly go about their day doing great things in small ways. Healthcare leaders who want to build a culture of service must be on the lookout for exemplars of excellence. 

Share Stories

Of course, not every service hero wants to step into the limelight for accolades – and that is okay. For these service heroes, it could be enough that you notice and say thank you. When you spot a story that represents the organizational values in action, be sure to acknowledge the individual and ask if you can share their story. Tell them that by sharing it, you’ll be inspiring others. I’ve found that even the most humble heroes will allow you to share if they feel it will help others. 

Stories change cultures, but only when they’re passed along.

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