Recognition is Like Manure

In the play, Hello Dolly, Dolly Levi says, “Money is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless you spread it around helping young things to grow.” Substitute the word money in this quote with the word, recognition and you have the formula for a more engaged culture. 

In our covid-weary world, recognition goes a long, long way. Your organization may have a “Heroes work here,” sign in front of the building, but that doesn’t give you a pass from giving personal recognition. Your team needs it now more than ever. Even though the COVID volumes may be declining in your organization, the pressure is still on your team professionally and personally. 

There are 3 Ps for giving recognition that leaves an impact. Make it: 

  • Prompt- Soon after the action while it is still fresh in your mind and the staff members’ minds
  • Personal – Use the person’s name and let them know why it matters to the patient, department and/or organization
  • Plentiful – Make it a daily practice 

Here’s a simple method for quantifying your daily recognition efforts. Put 10 pennies in your left pocket when you arrive at work. Every time you give an employee verbal recognition, move one penny to your right pocket. How did you fare at the end of the day? If the left pocket is heavier than the right, you may have a recognition deficit. 

Do something similar for thank you notes. Keep a small cup on your desk. Each time you write a thank you not to a staff member, put a penny in the cup. How full is your cup at the end of the month? Remember; giving recognition fills your cup too.

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