Put Your Courage to the Test

Posted by Kristin Baird

I recently did a presentation to healthcare marketers and played a game of “Never have I ever” to kick it off. Participants were asked to self-disclose several things, like whether or not they knew the current patient satisfaction scores, and if they have ever witnessed poor service in their organization and didn’t say anything. It reminded me of the importance of courage.

After asking five different questions, I found the one everyone failed. Not speaking up when they witnessed poor service in their own organization. It takes courage to speak up. But true ownership means taking action when someone or something isn’t measuring up to the high standard.

Gut Check

Do a gut check. Have you ever turned a blind eye when someone isn’t measuring up to the standards? People shy away from confrontation. How are you creating a culture that encourages everyone to speak up when they see unsatisfactory service?

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