Knowing Vs. Doing

Posted by Kristin Baird

Here’s one thing I know for certain about improving the culture and the patient experience – thinking and planning are not the same as taking action. I’ve seen many healthcare leaders confuse the two and then wonder why nothing is changing.

Thinking vs. Doing

We see a lot of the “thinking vs doing” activity in our line of work. One common example occurs with leader rounding. On numerous occasions, my team and I have been asked to conduct rounding training. In some situations we learn, much to our dismay, that our training is the second, third or even fourth round of training the leaders have received on the subject.  That is a significant amount of time, energy and money for training if you aren’t getting results.

In most of these cases, the problem is not with knowing how to do rounding. The problem is with actually doing rounding. Making it a priority. Putting it on your calendar and doing it.

I’ve seen some of the most elaborate and detailed rounding tools and schedules for rounding in organizations that have zero follow through.  Why? Because they are confusing the planning with the doing.

It’s really not that hard. Start taking action on something you’ve been putting off for too long. Planning is great, but only if it results in real action.

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