Kwesi Johnson, MPA, RRT, CPXP


Kwesi Johnson is a skilled facilitator, trainer, and consultant. With more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Kwesi has a wealth of knowledge within the industry ranging from hands-on clinical care, consulting/coaching, training, facilitating, sales, marketing, and operational management. As a hospital consultant, Kwesi has worked with health systems implementing strategies to improve efficiency, increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction, while optimizing cost-savings and generating revenue for his clients.

His highly engaging and energetic communication style captivates his audience inspiring adoption of best practices and insights for organizational effectiveness. Often complimented for his ability to bring data to life, Kwesi has expertise in utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data to tell a compelling story. He clearly connects the dots of organizational change going beyond complex data reports to actions that improve outcomes for the client, and ultimately their patients. This passion and skill for process and performance improvement inspires him to coach leadership teams on how create a culture that elevates patient satisfaction and employee engagement.

Kwesi earned a Masters of Public Administration with a certificate in Health Care Administration and Planning from Tennessee State University and a BS in Cardio-Respiratory Care Services from Tennessee State University.