Char Learson, CSSMBB, CEMD


Char Learson drives organizational success through her expertise in cultural transformation. Known for her exceptional skills as a physician and leadership coach, mentor, and healthcare executive, her primary focus lies in developing an organization’s most valuable asset – its people.

With over 20 years of professional experience in both ambulatory and inpatient settings, Char has established herself as a highly impactful leader, speaker, trainer, and coach. She consistently delivers practical solutions that yield tangible results in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

In her previous roles as VP of Training and Development and Operations Manager in various organizations, Char has proven instrumental as a strategic partner to healthcare executives. She has successfully equipped clinical teams with sustainable strategies that address clinical inefficiencies, enhance employee and physician engagement, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Char’s notable achievements include the development of Physician Ambassador Programs, which have significantly contributed to shaping a positive culture. Additionally, she has spearheaded service recovery processes that have paved the way for meaningful cultural changes within the industry.