Patients’ Expectations Haven’t Changed

So much has changed in healthcare over the past three years. What hasn’t changed? Patients’ expectations. Patients still want to be seen promptly, have their concerns heard, receive accurate diagnoses, and be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Despite the profound hardships on the healthcare systems, patients still want, and expect, top quality. 

 Unfortunately, the reality is many patients are experiencing the opposite: longer wait times, reduced appointment access, and limited access to specialized care. These challenges have created frustration for patients, who may feel that their needs are not being adequately addressed. 

While it’s true that healthcare providers are doing their best to provide care under challenging circumstances, patients’ expectations are not lowering. Our research demonstrates that while patients understand that the healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, they are unwilling to compromise their health and well-being. They expect their healthcare providers to hold the same standard. The challenge for leaders is that you cannot use patient satisfaction survey scores as a threat. Make sure you are offering legitimate support, or you will be fueling more burnout.  

I know healthcare organizations are working hard to address staffing issues and improve the patient experience. Telemedicine is improving access to care and reducing wait times. And, despite an industry shortage, leaders are working tirelessly to increase staffing levels. 

Stay tuned for more information on patient expectations. Baird Group will be releasing the latest version of The Power of the First Phone Call which demonstrates consumer expectations pre- and post-COVID.



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