“I don’t have time” and other myths in leadership

Posted by Kristin Baird

Leader rounding and coaching are two essentials of leadership that go hand in hand. If you aren’t rounding, you’re missing opportunities for on-the-spot coaching and recognition. If I had a dime for every time I have heard a leader say, “I don’t have time,” well, I’d have more dimes than the Denver mint.

I see it all the time; calendars get saturated with meetings, leaving leaders with nothing left for rounding. The opposite should be the standard. Schedule your rounding time first, and meetings second.

Why Leader Rounding?

Over my years of coaching leaders, I’ve seen some great transformations take place when leaders make rounding a priority. Leaders who make the shift report seeing that their teams become more connected, that staff become more engaged, and that they (the leaders) feel more optimistic and on top of things in the department.

There are countless things that can suck up a leader’s time. Make rounding a priority.

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