Coaching for Employee Engagement and Improved Performance

What do employee engagement and improved performance have to do with quality, safety, and service? Everything. Engagement is linked to higher productivity, increased staff retention and better clinical outcomes. We can help by providing coaching for elevated engagement and performance.

This half-day workshop is designed to boost employee engagement and performance by enhancing the leaders’ coaching skills. Participants will:

  • Identify levels of engagement
  • Calculate the financial impact of today’s engagement
  • Design personal coaching plans based on engagement
  • Practice conducting meaningful coaching conversations

Participants will learn practical solutions to identify lack of engagement and overcome these challenges by creating an environment conducive to high performance. 

Coaching for Engaged Employees and Improved Performance

Engaged employees play a vital role in driving improved performance within a healthcare organization. When employees feel a sense of ownership and a connection to their work, they are more likely to go above and beyond in their responsibilities. This heightened level of commitment leads to improved performance –  engaged employees take pride in their contributions and strive for excellence.

Additionally, engaged employees ensure they consistently meet and exceed the expectations their leaders set for them. Their heightened level of dedication to continuous improvement creates a culture of success in your healthcare organization, positively impacting the patient experience and overall organizational outcomes.

Our coaching workshop offers leaders in the healthcare industry invaluable opportunities. They will gain knowledge, develop essential skills, and implement effective strategies to cultivate a culture of engagement within their organization. By prioritizing employee engagement, leaders can inspire their teams to take ownership of their work, deliver high-quality performance, and continuously strive for improvement and success. As a result, this contributes to driving employee engagement and improved performance within the healthcare organization, ultimately benefiting both employees and patients alike.

Virtual Option Now Available.

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